URGENT ACTION ALERT: Meet With Members of Congress to Repeal Sequestration

Members of Congress have returned to their home offices for a two-week recess. All PASS members should take advantage of this opportunity to meet with your representative and senators and ask them to repeal sequestration. It is vital that PASS members unite to send a clear message to members of Congress: repeal sequestration today to protect the aviation system and federal employees nationwide.

Follow the steps below and use the PASS talking points found here to ensure your meeting is a success. For more information, you can always visit the sequestration section on the PASS national website.

1. Make an appointment as soon as possible by contacting the office schedulers. To find your members of Congress, click here. You can find contact information for your members of Congress on their websites and should call their office to schedule an appointment. Be prepared that you may have to meet with a staff member if scheduling does not permit a meeting with your senators or representative directly.

2. Remember to schedule your meeting on non-duty time and to identify yourself as speaking on behalf of PASS. This is important to remember when contacting members of Congress as well as when speaking to the media.

3. Prior to your meeting, educate yourself on your members of Congress and carefully review the PASS sequestration talking points.

4. It is important to stay on message during the meeting and make a clear request for action. Make it clear that you are asking lawmakers to repeal the budget cuts stemming from sequestration.

5. In addition to the PASS talking points, relate the issue to the impact it is having on the local community, constituents and the flying public in the state/district. Your elected lawmakers want to hear real information from their constituents.

6. After the meeting, please remember to follow up by sending a thank you to any congressional staff members who attended the meeting. Also, let PASS know about your meeting and any requests for additional information.

7. If you have any questions about setting up your meeting or the talking points, please contact your regional member on the PASS National Legislative Committee or the national office.

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