TBFM: A Collaborative Success

On July 10, Time Based Flow Management (TBFM) deployment was completed at all 20 Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC). PASS was a very active participant in the TBFM deployment and overall transition from Traffic Management Advisor (TMA) to TBFM. PASS remains among the many partners who worked with the Program Management Organization to achieve this milestone. PASS provided the Technical Operations expertise and collaborated at a high level with FAA Technical Operations leadership, NATCA, PMO, Second Level Engineering, Air Traffic Management, and Lockheed Martin.    We had a front row seat to experience the effectiveness of collaboration.

“I feel like our voice was heard with TBFM and I am comfortable with the significant progress we have made in  ensuring our Tech Ops issues are identified and addressed as this system is deployed,” said Javon Henry, PASS TBFM liaison.  “The objective is to ensure that every system that is deployed is fully functional, stable and maintainable in the operational environment. TBFM will prove to be a key NextGen system that will expand in functionality, allowing for more efficient and effective flow of air traffic. I am pleased to be a part of this effort.”

Installation of TBFM at terminal facilities will continue through September.

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