PASS Liaison/Subject Matter Expert Needed

PASS Liaison/Subject Matter Expert Needed

The FAA has submitted requests to PASS for support on a variety of projects. Details for the most recent request for a PASS liaison and representative are listed below. If you are interested in providing PASS support for this project, please fill out the PASS Liaison Form and email it to PASS National Assistant Mike Riso at . You may also contact him if you have questions or require additional information on any of the following requests. Thank you for your participation on behalf of PASS.

NextGen Weather Processor

NextGen Weather Processor (NWP) establishes a common weather processing platform that will functionally replace the legacy FAA weather processor systems and host new capabilities.  NWP will aid in reducing the rising operations and maintenance costs by consolidating weather product generation of weather processor systems such as: Weather and Radar Processor (WARP); Corridor Integrated Weather System (CIWS); and Integrated Terminal Weather System (ITWS).  NWP will provide advanced aviation specific weather information through the assimilation of NWS forecast models with real time radar data extrapolation to produce a 0-8 hour convective weather forecast.  NWP will perform Weather Translation which will enable the use of weather information by automated Decision Support Tools (DSTs).  NWP will also address consolidation solutions for weather displays.  NWP will be implemented over multiple segments also known as work packages. NWP Work Package 1 will be focused on performing the following at a minimum:  Replacing CIWS; Implementing the 0 to 8 hour forecast and performing weather translation of convective weather.

Skills required: WARP, CIWS, and ITWS system experience is beneficial since these are the programs that will be replaced by NWP.

Dates/Duration: As needed/Present-Until Deployment (2016)

Type of Appointment: Part Time (travel from duty location as needed)


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