Broadcast Message for Thursday, June 28, 2012

This is PASS President Tom Brantley with a broadcast message for Thursday, June 28, 2012.


I am very happy to announce that PASS and the FAA have reached a new tentative collective bargaining agreement for our Technical Operations (Tech Ops), Flight Inspection Services and Mission Support Services bargaining units. I want to thank every PASS member for their patience and support during the time it has taken to reach a new agreement. Without that support, we could not have realized this critical achievement.

I realize everyone will be eager to see specifics of the new agreement and we will get them out as soon as possible. Every member will receive a copy of the tentative agreement, along with a summary of the changes from the current agreement, to consider before casting your ratification vote. As excited as we are to get the information to you, we are also committed to providing a package that is orderly, consistent and absolutely accurate for our members.

With that in mind, our next step is for the bargaining team to bring the more than 120 articles of the tentative agreement together in one final package. As you can imagine, after negotiating that many contract articles over the last couple of years, we need to ensure that everything is right before distributing it to our members. The team will also prepare a comparison with the current agreement(s) for the ratification package.

Once the package is ready, copies will be mailed to every PASS member in the affected bargaining units. We will then conduct briefings for our contract administration representatives across the country so that they can help explain the changes and meaning of the new agreement. I appreciate your continued patience as our bargaining team completes these final, important steps before we share the details of the new agreement.

As we informed you in March of this year, we reached impasse with the agency on a few critical issues and were at a stage where a mediator would be used help us resolve our disagreements. Because of our mutual commitment to reaching an agreement without relying on a third party, we began an informal dialogue to see if a resolution was possible. We were successful in reaching an agreement, and I want to thank everyone who helped us to move forward together. Being able to reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial is a positive and important step in continuing to build a stronger relationship between PASS and the FAA.

Please join me in thanking the members of our bargaining team for their excellent work under very stressful and demanding conditions, as well as the commitment it took for them to see it through to the end. Unless you have been involved in negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement, you cannot imagine the sacrifice and devotion it takes to be part of the team. When you have a chance, please let them know how much we all appreciate their hard work. The members of the bargaining team are:

Chuck Siragusa, Chapter NG3, PASS Region I Assistant

Ken Harris, Chapter MI1, PASS Region I

Mike Riso, Chapter SC3, PASS National Assistant (Tech Ops)

Julio Carreras, Chapter PR1, PASS Region II

Brian Strickland, Chapter SC3, PASS Region II

Joan Matthiesen, Chapter CA3, PASS Region III Assistant

Ray Baggett, Chapter CO1, National Safety Representative (Tech Ops)

Allyn Van Vechten, PASS Labor Relations Specialist

Dennie Rose, PASS Assistant Counsel

Mike Derby, PASS Counsel

I look forward to the final step of our bargaining process, which is to present the tentative agreement to our members for ratification. While I am absolutely confident that the tentative agreement is the best that could be reached and one that PASS members can support, it is ultimately up to you to decide if PASS will approve the new agreement. Please keep in mind that only PASS members have the right to vote in our ratification process. Please inform any nonmember who wants to be a part of that decision that they have limited time to join PASS and receive a ratification ballot.

We will continue to update you as things progress.


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