PCH Settlement Agreement

Last week, PASS and the FAA signed a settlement agreement regarding the national grievance over the agency’s new policy that requires employees who are Purchase Card Holders (PCH) with a single transaction limit of over $2,500 to file a Confidential Financial Disclosure form (OGE-450).

Since the settlement agreement was signed, everyone who still needed to file for 2012 has been contacted in accordance with the settlement agreement.

This week, management should have sent every purchase card holder a notice of his/her authorized single transaction limit. If it is above $2,500, the employee will have to file a Confidential Financial Disclosure for 2013, unless he/she requests that management lower the limit or allow relinquishment of the card. This request must be done in enough time that it can be reasonably approved by August 15, 2013.

If you already know that your limit is over $2,500, you do not need to wait until you are notified by management to make your request. You may make your request immediately.

Any employee who gets an approved reduction of the single transaction limit or is allowed to relinquish his/her card by August 15, 2013, will NOT have to file a Confidential Financial Disclosure for 2013, which would happen in February 2014.

After August 15, 2013, employees can still request a reduction in the transaction limit and/or to relinquish the card; however, the employee will still have to file a financial disclosure for 2013.

For specific details, please click here to access the Settlement Agreement.

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