PASS Seeks Local Furlough Impact

Attention PASS Members:

As PASS continues in our efforts to repeal sequestration, we need real-time examples from our members about how the furloughs and budget cuts are impacting everyday operations. PASS relies on information we receive from our members to ensure our message is heard on Capitol Hill and with the Administration. We need feedback from you on an ongoing basis. The current situation makes it more important than ever that PASS members take a moment to let us know what is happening in the field. Please tell us how the furloughs are affecting you and your job by sending us examples of any of the following:

  • Increased aviation safety risks due to having to accomplish more with less
  • Equipment outages
  • Air traffic delays impacting the flying public due to increased restoration times
  • Missed periodic maintenance
  • Unstaffed offices/shifts/open watches
  • Delayed or cancelled installation/implementation of next generation air traffic control systems or procedures
  • Delayed certification of technicians, flight crewmembers or specialists that compounds staffing problems
  • Impact to safe working conditions (e.g., two-person rule)
  • Delayed response times to public complaints, accidents and timely completion of investigations
  • Delayed enforcement of regulatory non-compliance investigations
  • Delays with airman certification, aircraft registration, and airworthiness certification of aircraft and related products
  • Delays with Certification Services Oversight Process (CSOP) for new entrants
  • Reduced Air Transportation Oversight System (ATOS) inspections, Safety Attribute Inspections (SAIs) and Element Performance Inspections (EPIs)
  • Reduced National Work Program (NPG) required and planned inspections and surveillance
  • Reduced Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) inspections and surveillance
  • Decreased ability for aviation safety employees to meet current Performance Management System (PMS) expectations, resulting in less than a satisfactory rating
  • Impact of training class cancellations
  • Reduced training opportunities resulting from low staffing
  • Lack of leave opportunities
  • Increased worker fatigue

In the coming weeks, please help to keep the PASS national office in the loop by using the form below to send us information.

In Solidarity,
Mike Perrone

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