Clarification on Administrator’s Message Regarding Pay

PASS has received some questions at the national office in response to the FAA administrator’s message about his decision to grant Occupational Success Increases (OSI) and Superior Contribution Increases (SCI). The following will hopefully minimize any confusion in the field.

These increases apply only to employees who are still covered by the annual pay increases set forth in the CORE Pay Plan; they do not apply to employees in the FG pay plan or the new PASS-Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Pay Plan.

PASS negotiated separate provisions for annual pay increases that are set forth in Article 124, Section 5,”Annual Pay Adjustments,” of the new ATO collective bargaining agreement.  Under the new PASS ATO CBA, there is no longer any such thing as OSI or SCI.  Those terms are no longer used and part of the funds that would have funded the increases will be used to fund the June annual pay increases. PASS ATO employees along with NATCA employees will receive an amount equivalent to the “presidential increase” (0.5 percent currently due in March 2013 unless Congress blocks it) and a 1.6 percent “length of service” increase in June 2013, unless Congress prohibits step increases in the government-wide GS pay system.  PASS ATO employees will also soon receive a 0.5 percent lump-sum bonus.  An additional 1 percent lump-sum bonus will also be paid in January 2015.

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