Certified Safe

As part of the FAA’s All Points Safety campaign, “Certified Safe” highlights the many contributions of Technical Operations PASS members. The Certified Safe video recently released recognizes the invaluable work these employees do every day to keep the aviation system safe. A series of posters will also be released soon featuring many PASS Tech Ops members. Most recently, Air Traffic Organization Chief Operating Officer David Grizzle’s weekly voicemail focused on the Certified Safe message and the Tech Ops workforce. He emphasized the varied work performed by Tech Ops employees on both current and future systems and equipment. According to Grizzle, “It’s not safe until Tech Ops says it’s safe.”

Grizzle’s message also discussed another important safety effort—the Technical Operations Safety Action Program (T-SAP) program. T-SAP is a voluntary, confidential safety reporting program that evolved through ATO and PASS collaboration. The T-SAP program is currently being tested in the Central Service Area with national rollout anticipated for the spring. In his message, Grizzle provided an example of T-SAP’s success with a story involving John Shiels, PASS Chapter IL3. Shiels recently noticed a problem and filed a T-SAP report (in which he waived his confidentiality). As a result, Shiels worked with the program office and, less than 30 days after the problem was noticed, a system-wide maintenance alert was issued. This is an example of the T-SAP program’s potential.

Please continue to look for more information regarding Certified Safe and T-SAP.

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