PASS is excited to announce the 2012 Chapter Summit, a three-day event for chapter officers. The summit will be held July 16 to 18 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nev. Chapter presidents, vice presidents and one committee chair from each active chapter are invited. If the president or vice president is not able to attend, another chapter officer or chapter committee chair may be sent in their place. Primary registration is limited to three attendees per chapter. Chapters wishing to send additional chapter officers or committee chairs on chapter funds should send the names of those members to Member Services Manager Emily Edwards at eedwards@passnational.org or 202-293-7277. The names will be kept on a waiting list until May 15, 2012, when they will be approved on a first-come, space-available basis. At that time, chapters will be notified which additional officers or committee chairs can attend, at which point travel arrangements can be made.

The three-day Chapter Summit will include informational sessions on building a stronger union through member commitment and participation, union image building, organizing and union culture. PASS is pleased to announce that Professor Paul Clark, the author of Building More Effective Unions, will be teaching the main sessions along with Professor Doug Allen, both of whom are professors in the Labor Studies and Employment Relations Department at Pennsylvania State University. Professor Clark has 25 years of experience teaching labor education programs and doing research projects for some of the largest unions in the country. Professor Allen has been involved in the labor movement since 1973. Both of these instructors will teach PASS attendees how to build a stronger union and the important skills that any organizer should know. On the final day, PASS will teach the fundamentals of running a successful chapter.

If you have any questions about the 2012 Chapter Summit, please contact Member Services Manager Emily Edwards at eedwards@passnational.org or 202-293-7277.

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